How It Was Cleaned


About Holy Trinity Church, East Peckham:

Holy Trinity Church was built in 1840 to cater for the growing population that had build up on the low land area.  Our local historian has written a book about the Church. Entitled The New Church – A Drama by Margaret Lawrence, the book is available from the Church and is a detailed history full of fascinating facts and interesting insights.

Holy Trinity is currently locked during the daytime for security reasons but will hopefully be open from November 2013.  In the meantime the key can be borrowed from the Vicar or churchwardens should anyone wish to have a look round. Service times can be found on the notices page of this website.

The original East Peckham Church was St Michael’s up at Roydon, high on the hill top overlooking surrounding villages but impractical for the worship of the growing population as it was a long walk from the new village centre where the majority of the population of 3000 had settled.

St Michael’s is now redundant in that regular worship does not take place there but it has undergone refurbishment to bring it back to it’s former glory. The ‘Friends of St Michael’s’ hold events to raise money and awareness of this beautiful and historical church. It is a lovely old church with wonderful views – St Michael’s is open daily but locks at 4pm.